Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#26 Playing Your Favorite Video Game With Your Kid

Kids love to play games and video games. Once your kid gets older and you can play together that's awesome!

Our son Valo likes to try playing NHL '11 already, but the controller is too large for his hands. But the iOS devices with swipe screen controls are great for playing together.

#25 Playing With Play-Doh

Play-doh or something similar is awesome to play with. You can easily shape animals of all kinds and from a very young age kids can do snakes even themselves and snakes are awesome. Play-doh or some other brand of non-toxic modeling compound is great to play with and not deadly even if you eat it. It contains a lot of salt so it is not good to eat lots of it. Keep it away from pets too, since they might think it's food.

You can also make Play-Doh yourself at home!

Monday, February 14, 2011

#24 Making Funny Faces

Funny faces are awesome, so is making them.

A camera is great to have to take a look at the results. Even better if you have a camera that you can point towards yourself and see the viewfinder before snapping the photo. For us it is the iPhone 4 with the FaceTime camera that we use all the time for recording and learning new funny faces.

Friday, February 11, 2011

#23 Swinging

There is something just awesome about swinging back and forth in a swing. You can do this very early on as soon as the kid can sit properly and you have a baby seat in the swing that is secure.

This is also one of those joys of playing together that you won't be able to do together once the kid gets older. So enjoy it while you get the chance.

#22 Eating Cake

Eating is fun and good for you, but eating cake is awesome! Sometimes so much that he would like that for breakfast every day after a couple of birthday parties...

#21 Sliding Together

Sliding is an awesome feeling. Snowy hills, water slides or just kiddie slides. You don't have a long time window to get to slide together on most of these and especially in kiddie slides. Do it while you can, when the kid gets older he will not allow you to slide together, he wants to go solo. You are allowed a bit longer in the sled, but to kiddie slides.

#20 Feeding Fish

There is something awesome about fish and feeding them. A gold fish pond or tank or a fish hatchery are all great places to see big schools of fish and get to feed them. Make sure to use only food that is meant for the fish and tell the kid why fish don't eat e.g. smoothies or bananas...