Tuesday, February 1, 2011

#2 Build With Legos or Duplos

First thing you need to make sure you have enough Legos or Duplos... Nothing is more frustrating than your kid asking you to build a train, car, house, ship etc. and all you have is a couple of bricks worth of building material.

We usually start off by me asking what should we build and trying to meet the demands and orders flying for different vessels and animals...

For boys at least it's good to have a set of Duplos where you have som wheels, makes it easier to try build anything close to vehicle of any kind.

Also having those base plates are really handy, they serve as a sturdy base for more elaborate settings or higher structures that would otherwise fall easily.

It's awesome to build anything tall - a tower, a robot, a skyscraper etc. - especially robots in our family.

Valo's favorite robot

It's awesome to build different animals - a crocodile, an elephant, a camel - anything that your kid likes.

A crocodile

An elephant

A camel

It's awesome to build houses and play with the Duplo characters!

It's awesome to build anything long - a snake, a ship, a train etc.

A ship

It's awesome to build a setting like where mom is or where grandpa lives!

Mom is playing a gig and tractor is listening
Grandpa's House

It's good have some advice available a couple of sources we use all the time are:

1) Legos own site, you can search for things to build and get instructions and of course order some badly needed bricks.

Duplo - http://duplo.lego.com/en-us/Parents/JustForFun/Default.aspx
Lego - http://www.lego.com/en-us/createandshare/default.aspx

2) Klasbricks is a great resource for inspiration - http://klasbricks.blogspot.com/

Buy some bricks and have an awesome time building with your kid!

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