Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Awesome! And the 1000 awesome things to do with your kid

I am a father, have been since October 2008. We have a son who is now two years old and loves life and all the awesome things in it.

My son Valo is a bright and happy kid, who is into doing a lot of interesting, funny and sometimes crazy things. My wife Tuulikki and I do not follow any specific methodology of raising a kid - we just try to love, protect and support our son in his learning all the new and awesome things in life.

One day when we were looking at pictures about our latest holiday I started thinking that what were all the awesome things we did during it? I noticed how hard it is to remember all the things that happened just a couple of weeks ago - not to mention during the last two years.

That's when it hit me. To remember, relive and share, what better way than blog about it. I got the idea for the approach of "1000 awesome things..." from Neil Pasricha's original great blog 1000 Awesome Things.

I don't have a 1000 things written down yet, or maybe we haven't even done a 1000 awesome things yet - I haven't counted. But I do know that all the things that I will be writing about will be awesome, we know because we've done them with my son. You do need a kid or a playful friend or spouse to do them with, or some of the things are purely awesome even alone, give it a try.

I take no responsibility over any joy, fun, laughter, good times or the occasional tears or minor bumps and scratches that you or your kid might get from trying all the 1000 things in life that are awesome to do with your kid!

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